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baby ring & name card


Name is the first gift from a parent. To commemorate the important naming, we have created a naming tag wrapped in a braided baby ring in the color of the birth month. Color your memories in various ways, such as a necklace charm or as a gift for an adult. The back is decorated with a “back guard” design that is embroidered with the wish of a children’s amulet.



mamori porch


An amulet-shaped porch that protects important items such as your “mother’s handbook” and passport. It is said that there has been a habit of wearing protective bags that call for fortune while avoiding evil. It can be easily opened and closed with a magnet and has pockets for cards and pens. You can also use it as a shoulder bag if you tie the included braid.



card case


It is a business card case tailored with hand-woven textile. Because the gusset part is a traditional Japanese style technique, “Chidori cliff”, it can be stored compactly according to the amount of business card. The hand-woven fabric is lightweight yet strong, making it suitable for everyday business card case. We prepared various colors so that you can choose your own color.





“Fukusa” is a hand-woven textile that wraps an important gift. “Fukusa” has been used for a special celebrating occasion, also suitable for various moments of your life. The straight lines represent the edges and connections. Two colors are available, one that can be used for special occasions and one for both occasions and funerals.