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Nishijin-ori is the oldest woven fabric , which has a history of about 4,000 years. In Japan alone, there is a history of more than a thousand years. Suitable for congratulations such as stage curtains and a fine stage, as the “best art fabric” I have colored the time and place gorgeously.

Kiyohara Textile has been a family business for generations and has inherited it for over 100 years. In order to connect the baton of the history that has been inherited to the future, What kind of fabric is sewn? I tried to think again about the relationship between people and living and sewn. Then, I came to the idea that the sewn weave was a lucky, celebratory cloth "Sufu".

In any era, for everyone, "special and important days" come. And those things that have spent that time naturally have memories spelled out. We inherit the Japanese culture and craftsmanship that have been valued so far, We spin goods to snuggle up to "important time" of people.

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